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Christopher Pope Originals 2015

Christopher Pope is an accomplished Australian wildlife artist. Born in Adelaide in 1970. Christopher’s love for art and wildlife began early, having spent his childhood in small South Australian country towns. Although he has studied illustration and art in various forms, he is basically self-taught and is regarded as one of the leaders in the field of wildlife art in Australia.

Christopher’s artworks capture delightfully intimate encounters with shy and elusive subjects, leaving a lasting impression on the viewer. His understanding of three dimensional objects and their relation to the surrounding space give the viewer a clear sense of being present.

His work has been exhibited since 1995, with works now hanging in various Australian and overseas collections. Many of his paintings have been commissioned for Limited Edition prints and Australia Post – including the recent series of published Australian Songbirds (2009) and Australian Kingfishers (2010) Postage Stamps. Chris is a member of the A.F.C. (Artist for Conservation).

“I sincerely hope my art will bring more awareness to the Conservation and Preservation of our beautiful and precious wildlife” – Christopher Pope

Selection of Works for Sale

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