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Philippa Stewart-Hall


A member of the Chelsea Arts Club London, Fourth President of the Australian Society of Miniature Art A.S.M.A. and Vice President of Hornsby Art Society, Phillipa Stewart-Hall has exhibited consistently in major group exhibitions.

Shown in Canberra, Sydney, Toronto Canada, Washington DC, France, Noumea, Japan & Germany, to mention a few. Furthermore she has held eleven solo exhibitions, three of which have been at the Holdsworth Galleries in Paddington, Sydney.

Philippa’s works hang in private collections both here in Australia and overseas. She has many commissions to her credit, including paintings on linen and paper, logo designs, a wall sculpture, and glass paintings.

Philippa Stewart-Hall’s foray into the art world began when she had an accident in 1975, which caused her to rethink her life. Her work came to the notice of the artist Ross Morrow, who became her mentor and friend for several years before his death. The springboard for Philippa’s enthusiastic approach to her new world was through the abstract forms of music and the philosophies of songwriters and composers.

Technically Philippa’s ability to paint & draw academically, is without a doubt, now concentrating strongly on experimentation and gradually moving from drawing to painting and on to mixed media. A quantum leap in style came about when she began exploring dreams – an ancient philosophy based on the interpretation of dreams as messages. These interpretations have altered the destinies of people and nations throughout history.

Also her miniature portraits – particularly of animals, & conceptual works using a variety of media give an added dimension to her work. Essentially a metaphysical surrealist, Phillipa Stewart-Hall creates works that are not superficial, and she always challenges the viewer to explore her works.

Philippa’s thirst for knowledge has also led her into another arena – that of Botanical Painting. This is an area of art, which she finds wonderfully meditative – that of being one with the plant. This exploration has enabled Philippa to exhibit with the Botanical Art Society of Australia. Her works explore the exquisite detail and minutiae of the beautiful world of botanical art, and feature both flora and associated fauna – in intimate “plant portraits”.

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Christopher Pope Originals 2015


Christopher Pope is an accomplished Australian wildlife artist. Born in Adelaide in 1970. Christopher’s love for art and wildlife began early, having spent his childhood in small South Australian country towns. Although he has studied illustration and art in various forms, he is basically self-taught and is regarded as one of the leaders in the field of wildlife art in Australia.

Christopher’s artworks capture delightfully intimate encounters with shy and elusive subjects, leaving a lasting impression on the viewer. His understanding of three dimensional objects and their relation to the surrounding space give the viewer a clear sense of being present.

His work has been exhibited since 1995, with works now hanging in various Australian and overseas collections. Many of his paintings have been commissioned for Limited Edition prints and Australia Post – including the recent series of published Australian Songbirds (2009) and Australian Kingfishers (2010) Postage Stamps. Chris is a member of the A.F.C. (Artist for Conservation).

“I sincerely hope my art will bring more awareness to the Conservation and Preservation of our beautiful and precious wildlife” – Christopher Pope

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Glenis Gray


After teaching at Primary and Secondary levels in Liverpool and Manchester, UK, Glenis Gray moved into educational publishing – copy writing and photography, for art and craft teaching products, then into store (fashion) publishing catalogues for Empire Stores in Bradford. From 1985 when she moved to Australia – Glenis worked for Edward Arnold in NSW, then Campion Books, managing booklist distribution to schools, prior to enrolling at University in 1988.

Due to family needs and work commitments and several moves, by 1996 Glenis was living in Brisbane – and in 1998 Glenis with her family moved to the Philippines. Here she exhibited work with WIRES (Women in Residence) – a group of ex-pats who exhibited at the Ayala Museum and Australian Embassy during the 4 years she lived there.

Returning to live here in Australia again – this experience had reignited the need to further develop her own Artworks. She committed to further professional tuition and study – her own style of work evolving whilst living and working on the beautiful and inspiring Sunshine Coast.

Glenis is an emerging Artist showing new works in major Arts events locally and statewide – with support and enthusiasm being shown for her mixed media experimentation, and dynamic figurative work.

Images below – of original mixed media, sketches, and paintings all available matted in white, cellophane wrapped, unframed. Small in scale – to suit frame of 12 x 10″ or Medium in scale to suit frame of 16 x 12″. Please enquire.

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