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Marianne Reardon

Marianne Reardon was born in 1947 in Hamburg Germany. At the age of five she immigrated with her parents to Tasmania where she studied to be a teacher. An only child, she showed a keen interest in nature and the visual arts. She was encouraged and influenced in this by her father, an amateur landscape photographer, who taught her to “see” what was really there.

In her professional role as an Infant School teacher, Marianne continued to dabble and experiment in the art and craft fields, but other than her art studies at high school, and a few painting classes at evening school, she has had no formal training.

It was only when she and her husband moved to Montville in 2001 that she started to seriously explore her artist streak. It was when a friend gave her a set of pastels, that what had been an interest, suddenly developed into a passion.

I love setting up a still life and painting it. It’s like going on a journey and crossing a threshold into another world. Time does not exist, only light and shadows, colour vibrating. It’s difficult to explain. One has to experience it.

Since then Marianne has attended workshops conducted by Carol Oakley” Catherine Hamilton, Grace Paleg, Anne White and Chris Blake. She has exhibited in a number of local art exhibitions and is a co founder and past president of the Blackall Range Self Help Art Group.


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