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How Melbourne Graffiti Art is Different

Melbourne is one of the most beautiful cities in Australia with amazing and popular things to see like the Federation Square and the Yarra River. But much like any other place, you’ll find the true art by the locals in an alleyway that has been painted with graffiti. It might seem ‘meh’ considering you already have graffiti artists where you might come from, there are still a few reasons to check it out due to the artists. That’s right, there are a few things that set apart other graffiti artists from a Melbourne Graffiti Artists. Let’s check it out:


  1. Stencil Art: There is a reason that Melbourne is considered as the ‘stencil capital of the world’. It is one of the few cities that adopted the stencil art at a very early age and held onto it quite strongly. This is in fact one of the reasons why people of the city started taking street art into consideration. We aren’t implying that other places are bad at stencil art by any stretch of imagination, but the fact that the Melbourne artists have a special expertise in it at it is undeniable.


  1. Inspired: It’s a sad occurrence but more often than not the authorities and officials aren’t very supportive of street art, prohibiting it in many areas as well. Melbourne wasn’t an exception, but had many people supportive of the cause too, with overseas visitors being really impressed by the work. This gave rise to many artists who are inspired by older artists and keep making new eye-candy graffiti for the world to see.


  1. Diversity: Despite a special expertise in stencil art, Melbourne street artists have varying styles with different materials of colors, different messages, different themes and so on. This might be prevalent everywhere but the sheer number of populace in Melbourne means that no two street artists are the same. They may share similarities when it comes to some types of art, but otherwise you’ll see a distinction in every art, making It a treat to check them out.


  1. Unity: Conflict of interests can be found amongst many artists with Melbourne being one of them too, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they aren’t united. When the government officials had officially put a ban on street art for a while in 2007, many street artists united and stood up together. Other countries might have some level of unity amongst street artists but for the most part they are segregated by different groups and different ideologies.



Steps To Take Before Going For A Graffiti Artist For Hire

 While regular paint on a wall looks good, it goes without saying that graffiti lovers will always prefer having something unique on their wall to admire when sitting on the sofa. If that’s the case with you but you’re not too skilled in graffiti painting, you’d obviously want to get a professional graffiti artist on hire. But before you make the call on the first name that pops up, why not take a look at these steps to decide what’s best for you?


  1. Reading reviews: It’s a no-brainer but still needs to be mentioned. Just look up the artist on the internet, see what kind of art he’s done, if people have liked it, and other stuff. Also, since reviews can be manipulated (to some point) nowadays, be sure to check a multitude of them to be extra sure about it.


  1. Type of Graffiti: Some artists have only managed to get expertise in a particular type of graffiti art and they are still considered as professional graffiti artists. It is your responsibility to check and see if they are an expert in the kind of graffiti art you’re looking for.


  1. Time: Making graffiti art can take time (all amazing things do), but some can just do it faster than others as they are what could consider as ‘a natural’ at these sort of things. Ask all of your shortlisted artists (speaking of which, shortlist a few artists instead of going for one) about the amount of time it will take for a particular piece of art to get done, and select the one accordingly.


  1. Changes: No two minds are the same. What might be perfect for the artist may be a bit off to you. Fortunately, graffiti can be changed and depending on the complexity of the art, it may take a while. The best thing to do is to talk about this with the artist beforehand and find out how much they charge for a set of changes.


  1. Reputable website: While this step is optional, going for it can prove to be quite useful. There have been way too many scams when it comes to any field, and art is no exception. A website where you find graffiti artists for hire Melbourne will prove to be a safer way to get your graffiti art without a whole bunch of hassle. Most freelancing websites have plenty of artists, and the choice expands further on art-specific websites.

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